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Greece has a silver lining - it is called tourism

Greece’s ongoing multi-level clashes over its economic woes have caught the world’s attention anew. The widespread discontent within Greece and within the Eurozone is warranted, but one need not look too far to find that it is not all doom and gloom for the beleaguered country. Greeks can breathe a little better because new indicators confirm that tourism, one of the main pillars in Greece’s economy, brings good news. New figures reveal that Greek tourism has not only remained unaffected, it is also on par to do better this year compared to last year. (more…)

British short breaks give Europe’s economy a boost

British hotel bookers are overlooking the economic downturn by giving struggling European economies a much-needed tourism boost, according to The discount hotels specialist found that bookings to countries such as Greece, Ireland and Italy showed considerable rises of up to 41%, even in the last year, while the countries have experienced some of the worst financial crises in the European market. (more…)